The Creation

The Creation Of The Perfectly Imperfected Brand Runs Deeper Than The Length Of  A Paragraph, So Lets sum It Up, I Have Come From A Background Where I was on the opposite side of life's glass. It was more looking through the other side for me and I was able to see both side of things, the perfect side and the imperfect side. I have grown to be a bit of both and my new interest with crystal help me to discovery the true me and that feeling and excitement and I feel that I should share that connection with my home-made and personalized crafts & creations and my dream is to share that with world, With the Boutique, we have a goal to promote self-care and spread awareness to others. Collectively, we have a goal to gain the support of 1,700,000 people, to spread awareness, encourage, and to inspire others to support self-care! By crafting and selling Items such as the soaps, candles, Crystals, room sprays, etc.and help with emotional development and personal uplifting, to empower people to be the best they can be, while discovering their truest self, Because there is those who see the Imperfected side but those who also see's all of the perfect things that  happening but that's just it no one is perfect we are just all hiding our imperfections and we all have that in common so why not share it with the world.